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Sample Final Documents

All you'll need to build your dream layout

A variety of views of the layout design are provided with each project in the form of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files and native 3rd PlanIt CAD files. Hard-copy color printouts are also provided on large 11”X17” sheets. The client also receives a back-up CD with copies of all files.

Each deck of multi-deck designs (such as those with hidden below-table staging or with multiple visible decks) is shown in its own views.

Overall Design View (top)

This image is an overhead 2-dimensional view showing the locations of all tracks, rough scenery outlines, and structure footprints. Labels indicate key location, industries, scenic features, etc.

Component View (middle)

This view of the design is intended to be the actual construction plan for the layout. Key curve centers are located on a (typically) 1-foot grid along with locations and specifications for all turnouts, crossings, etc. Radii and turnouts are color coded or called out specifically.

For an additional charge, the component view files may optionally also be provided as full size (1:1) .pdf files for printing on large sheets by the client at a local print shop.

Additional Views  (bottom)

For complicated or compact scenes, additional views may sometimes be provided showing structure identification, elevations, or other information. These are not always necessary and vary from project to- project.

To get started on a custom layout design for your layout, contact me today.

To see more examples of my designs, visit my free
Layout Design Gallery.


N scale track plan
N scale track plan components
N scale structures
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