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Byron's Layout Concepts

Rail-marine and proto-freelance themes are the constants

I have enjoyed developing concepts and track plans for my own potential layouts over the years. And while it would be tempting to blame my lack of a current layout on my layout design consulting business, that really wouldn’t be justified. I hope to remedy that in the coming year (2019, putting a stake down!). After helping so many modelers get out of the armchair themselves, here’s hoping that I’ll finally do the same for myself.

My previous proto-freelance rail-marine 1950s Oakland Harbor Belt concept was well-documented on my personal web pages, which were lost with the discontinuation of the web-development tool I had been using since 2004. Until I republish that information in some fashion, here are the spotting map and garage-sharing and office/guest room-sharing instantiations of the OHB. (Click any image for a large view in a new window.)

I’m currently working on a proto-freelanced rail-marine concept based on the former Ocean Shore main line in San Francisco. Parts of this trackage were operated by the WP until the 1980s, but in my 1955-era re-imagining, the Ocean Shore Terminal is a fairly prosperous concern jointly owned by the Western Pacific and Santa Fe. Crews will serve a variety of real-life industries from interchanges with the corporate parents and the Southern Pacific.

OHB map.png

Proto-freelanced Oakland Harbor Belt

OST map.png

Proto-freelanced Ocean Shore Terminal spotting map

OHB Garage.png

OHB in N scale to share a garage

OHB in N scale to share office/guest room

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