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About the New Site

Easier to maintain, better for mobile

Even though I have worked with talented web development teams over the years, I was never very enthusiastic about managing my own site. But in today’s world, it’s essential to have a web presence to offer my consulting services and provide information on layout design and operations.

My previous ISP retired the (extremely outdated) tools I had used to build and maintain my site over the years. And nearly 40% of the visits to my site are now coming from phones and tablets rather than traditional browsers. My old site did a very poor job of accommodating these visitors.

The new tools I am using allow better interfaces for these devices, although I have not yet tweaked every page for best appearance. But the most-commonly visited pages should be better for mobile users now – and I will get to the rest over the next few weeks.

Because of the arcane limitations of the Year 2000-era tools, web addresses (URLs) for my previous site were non-standard. That means that the addresses of content have changed, but nearly all of it has been recreated somewhere on the new site. It was painful to give up a decade-and-a-half of others' links to my pages, but it’s the price of existing in the current millennium.

When the numbers of visitors really started to grow quickly in 2008, I began paying closer attention to visitor and page view counts. Since the beginning of 2009 my site has served over 3.5 Million page views. Not bad for a site that just started out as hanging a consulting shingle in cyberspace.

So thanks for your support and interest over the years, and I apologize for the inconvenience of lost URLs. If you would like to link to my content again, I encourage you to do so and thanks for the effort. And have a look around the new place!

– Byron

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Hearken back to 2004 or so

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