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Partial list of design and operations articles

I’ve been publishing articles on layout design and operations since 2001. Here are some recent references. Click here for clinic slides and handouts.


“Enough Switching for Two Layouts”

Compact HO- and N scale mid-1990s SP layouts

Model Railroad Planning 2019


“Designing the Shasta Division”

(Large SP transition-era layout)

Model Railroad Planning 2018


Chapter: "Layout Design for Operations"

A Compendium of Model Railroad Operations (OpSIG, 2017)

(Similar content to Layout Design Bootcamp clinic)


“A Balancing Act”
(Multi-deck CSX Cumberland Sub in N)
Model Railroad Planning 2017


“SP's Cuesta in N Scale”
(Multi-deck in 16'X22')
Layout Design Journal #60, 1st Qtr 2017


 “Pushing the Boundaries of Space and Time”
(HO '50s proto-freelance on the California Coast)
Model Railroad Planning 2016


“Room to Roll for Realism”
(Track arrangements for bulk-commodity industries)
Layout Design Journal #56, 3rd Qtr 2015

“East Bay in the present day”
(HO garage layout inspired by Oakland, CA)
Model Railroad Planning 2015

“Cement, Cars … and a Little Beer”
(Real-life single-industry California locations in compact HO- and N track plans)
Layout Design Journal # 54, 1st Qtr 2015

“HO Switching Variations in 2' X 9'”
Layout Design Journal # 52, 3rd Qtr 2014

“North Western’s Chicago commute”
(C&NW twice-around in HO)
Model Railroad Planning 2014

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