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Kind comments from satisfied clients

"Thank you! The layout is everything I wanted. You did a great job transforming my vision into a design."

-- design client



"I can say the more I look at the layout, the better it gets. You have done a fantastic job!"
-- design client

"Got the final plan today and could not be more pleased. I think given the space we had to work with, we got every inch of it."

-- design client



"I very much appreciate the effort you have put into creating a design that will efficiently and effectively use the space that is so limited for HO by a small room."
-- design client

"I am absolutely thrilled with this track plan … And it REALLY reinforces, yet again, my decision to contract your services. You TRULY know what you're doing and obviously think through the operating scenarios and don't just plop down some track just because it fits or would look nice!"

-- design client



"I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made [the track plan] a lot more interesting, both scenically and operationally, than anything I would have done … at my age with no 'do-overs', that’s all I could have asked."
-- design client

"The final result is great!  This will not only push me to learn new skills (construction, etc.) but also improve my existing skills AND has a lot of operational interest."

-- design client



"Holy Cow! Did you ever feel like you've been staring at something for weeks … feeling 'stuck'? Well, now I feel unstuck. You obviously know that I want operations but you also picked up how I like 'scenes'. It is a much, much better design. My thanks to you!!"
-- design client

"We had out first 'op session' last night and the modules worked great. Everyone had a good time and I'm so inspired I'm starting on scenery this morning."

-- design client



"Your comments were extremely helpful ... I'm finding this really enjoyable and think the end result will be a much improved layout ..."
-- design and ops consulting client

"Your development of an Operations Conceptual Design for our model railroad has far exceeded our expectations. You have provided us the insight into our ultimate goal of a successful first ops session, on opening night, without having to go through the all too often 'trial and error' [process of] rebuilding the actual layout."

-- ops planning clients



"Thanks for a great job! I never thought you'd find a way to fit so much operating into such a tiny space. Now that I am building it, I see a lot of fine points I didn't notice from the plan."
-- design client

"Your article and the clinic presentation, which I also printed out and put into binding, have allowed the members to become educated without being embarrassed about things they don't get. The documents have been a big help in getting the operations message across."

-- model railroad club



"Thank you for all of your work during this planning process ... I think you did a great job as a consultant. You helped me to achieve a new plan that I am very excited about, and will hopefully keep me happily engrossed for years to come."
-- design consulting client

"I am still blown away by the layout, I think you did a great job with your HO 'shoehorn'. As you said, it's a lot of layout for this size space, but it doesn't have the spaghetti bowl appearance."

-- design client


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My custom model railroad track plans for past clients have been published in many magazines. Find a partial listing on my Background page.

Dispatching ATSF 4th District
My own model railroad operating experience has helped me to develop Operations Plans for client layouts large and small. Photo by Mark Pierce

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