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HO 6X8 Donut for Passengers and Freight

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A forum track plan to fit existing benchwork
“Benchwork first” is not my favorite way to design layouts because it limits the range of possibilities right off the bat. But this forum participant had already completed 6’X8’ donut-style sectional benchwork for an HO layout. On the plus side: the open center, while tight, would help with access -- certainly better than a big monolith. The key here was using the inside and outside of the oval for different purposes.

The ability to keep two trains in constant motion was desired, along support of passenger equipment requiring at least 24” radius curves. By siting the industrial spurs reaching into the interior, I was able to make use of space inside the ovals. And by locating the yard along the outside of the ovals, it could be a little longer.

To squeeze the absolute most out of the space while still retaining at least a little buffer to the outside edge, the track-to-track spacing of the straight body tracks in the yard was reduced to 2”.

Whether you’ve already built benchwork or have left things open for creative alternatives, I’d like to help with your track planning project, so contact me today.


Although most rooms that could hold this layout might offer the opportunity for other interesting alternatives, I have had a request for the component view of this layout -- click the image at right to download. (It may take a minute or two, my ISP is slow at times.)

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