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Downloads are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Please allow a minute or two for larger files to download, sometimes my ISP is a little slow.



Layout Design Bootcamp
The Bootcamp is a 4-hour “super clinic” sponsored by the Layout Design SIG. Because of the large number of slides and the use of builds and animations, there is no slide set available for download. But the handout contains many useful references.
A Quick and Easy Start for Operations
Intended for beginners to operations. Learn the simple steps needed to get your layout ready for operations. A few easy choices and simple preparation are all it takes for an engaging op session. This is one of the fastest growing and most enjoyable areas of the hobby – and you can join in!
(about 2.5M)

Realistic Small Switching Layouts: Looking Beyond the Timesaver
Over the years, many small layouts have been designed to focus on maddening puzzles and tricks. But these can rapidly become boring and repetitive. However, operation on small layouts can be challenging, fun, and prototype-inspired. The key is taking care to include layout design “best practices” even in small layout design.

(about 2.7M)

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